Republic of Somaliland
Ministry of National Planning and Development

The Seventh High Level Aid Coordination Forum organized by the ministry of National Planning and Development


8_02_2015 HLACF Minutes Final. Download

10_141102 HLACF Presentation_Minister of Finance. Download

11_ Aid Flows Against PSGs. Download

12_ Drivers of Economic Growth in Somaliland-combined. Download

13_IDDRSI - opportunities for Somaliland. Download

14_Gauff Presentation - Berbera-Tog-Wajale-Road. Download

15_IGAD_Berbera Corridor. Download

16_SONSAF Presentation on HLAC November2014 - JC. Download

17_14114_Gender Presentation-MoLSA. Download

18_141102 HLACF Presentation_Nagaad. Download

19_14_141102 HLACF Presentation_Ministry of Youth. Download

1_141102 HLACF_President Silanyo. Download

20_Youth Agenda- Presentation by SONYO Umbrella for the 7th HLACF 3-4 November 2014. Download

21_HLACF - PSG priorities. Download

3_HLACF Presentation Dr. Saad. Download

4_141027 HLACF Presentation Partnership Principle. Download

5_HLACF - SDF presentation. Download

6_UN-World-Bank- MPF-MPTF_HLACF_November2014 Final. Download

7_HLACF - PFM presentation. Download

8_141102 HLACF_PSG 3 - Presentation-Ministry of Justice. Download

9_141102 HLACF Presentation Civil Service Reform. Download

FINAL HLACF Joint Communique draft 061114. Download

Somaliland HLACF Opening Commentary_Donor Statement FINAL. Download

Somaliland Special Arrangement Annual Report 2014_FINAL. Download